Welcome to St. Gabriel Hardware!

Located near the Fire Department on Highway 30, we try to be as convenient as possible for those either residing or working in the area. We are also convenient for those who are just passing through. As a hardware store, we try to maintain a well kept stock of all the items that we have.

Our merchandise ranges from toolboxes to Ferris Riding Lawn Mowers and everything in between. For those who like to work outside, we stock Echo, Stihl, Shindaiwai, Husqvarna, and Redmax equipment and also Ferris, Snapper, and Husqvarna mowers.

We have various sizes and types of pipes for all of your plumbing and eletrical needs, including fittings. Vehicle out of anti-freeze? We have that, too. We also have equipment available for rent and we have a Service Repair Center.